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Qurban Cambodia Cow | Korban Lembu Cambodia

Qurban Cambodia Cow | Korban Lembu Cambodia

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Your Qurban / Ibadah Korban 2024 Will Support the Cambodian Muslim Community!

Note: Last Order - EXTENDED till 16 June 2024

Cows (Lembu) supplied by farmers in Kompot Village, Cambodia. The Qurban will be held by Masjid Ibrahim Alkhali of Kompot Village, Cambodia. The meat will be distributed to 1000 poor families, muallaf and orphans in the community.



Healthy adult cows, will be selected for your Qurban. The meat will be distributed fully to the needy community.

** If you wish to receive the meat from your qurbanplease select your Qurban from Australia

You Will Also Receive:

1) Photo(s) of your qurban:

2) A certificate of Qurban Completion with your name on it:

Entering The Qurbani Name:

Use the form above to enter the name of the person (s) who is performing the Qurban. This name will be printed on the certificate, so please ensure it is spelled correctly.

For Sheeps and Goats, only 1 name per animal.

You may order up to 5 sheeps and goats at any one time. If you wish to order more than 5 sheeps and goats, repeat the order process after adding the first 5 orders to cart.

Last Order:

You must complete your order by 10 June 2024 in order to be in time for the Qurban Season in 2024 (1445H).

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