It is our pleasure to offer our exclusive AL HILAL UMMAH SERVICES MEMBERSHIP that will give you access to member gifts and privileges.

This is a Lifetime Membership. A membership fee of $100 applies (one-time payment only).


Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member with us:

1) Our registered members will be sent complimentary gifts* like Al Hilal Muslim Calendar during the new year and Dates during Ramadhan. 

2) In addition, members will also enjoy discounted rates on our (and our affiliated companies) services.

- $100 Off Jenazah Services for self and immediate family members

- 10% Off Tahlil, Tahniq, Aqiqah packages

- Members only pricing for Islamic classes

- and more!


* Terms & Conditions apply


Alternatively, complete the form here and we will follow up with you with the registration and payment processing.