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Majlis Tahlil (Physical) Singapore

Majlis Tahlil (Physical) Singapore

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Do you have the intention to hold a Majlis Tahlil for your family or relatives who have passed on, but don't know how to hold one yourself?

Berhajat untuk mengadakan Majlis Tahlil untuk arwah keluarga atau saudara, dan memerlukan panduan?

We provide services of having an established Ustaz to be present physically at your chosen address in Singapore to guide the whole majlis.

Kami akan menyediakan seorang Ustaz bertauliah yang akan ke alamat anda secara fizikal, untuk membimbing majlisnya.

The amount you pay will go towards covering the Ustaz's services and some adminstrative fees.  


Please contact us to confirm our Ustaz's availability on your intended date of the event, before checking out with this item. Thank you.

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