Collection: Indian Community Appeal

Our Indian Muslim brothers and sisters in Karnataka, India, are appealing for your Qurban this year.

For more than 3 years now, we have been supporting the Indian Muslim community in Karnataka, India, as they are a small Muslim Community population of only 400+ people, that does not get much support locally. Unfortunately, most of them are poor and needy as there are not enough jobs to sustain families there, and everyday is a struggle. Falling sick and incurring even small medical fees for medicine or hospital treatment becomes a huge burden. And it goes without saying, eating meat is a luxury they cannot afford. They are highly dependent on assistance from fellow Muslims on the outside.

As with previous years, we are working with Masjid Al Noor, Karnataka, India, to administer your Qurban. The imam of the masjid will ensure that the meat from your Qurban gets distributed to the Muslim Community, with priority given to Widows and Orphans.

If you wish to support the Indian Muslim community, do book your Qurban - Goat or Cow from India by selecting the 2 options below. May your Qurban be accepted by Allah, the Almighty, All Merciful, and may you be rewarded with the best of rewards.

Insya Allah. Amiin.