At Taubah Jenazah Services

At Taubah Jenazah Services (UEN: T24LP0082G) is a subsidiary of Al Hilal Ummah Services that focuses on Jenazah management for the Muslim Community in Singapore.

When your family requires an experienced and trustworthy service provider, call us for a 24-Hour request for service.

Ustaz Yusuf Rahman

 Call: 8481 3481

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En Kamaruzaman Gaffar

 Call: 9238 6799

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En Md Farhan

 Call: 9423 2225

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Our Jenazah Management Packages (Adults): $1700 /-

1) Bring the jenazah back home or to showering and cleansing facility (eg. Masjid Pusara Aman) from the Hospital or HSA Mortuary*

2) Shower and cleanse the jenazah, shrouding and full preparation for burial, in line with established Islamic methodolody based on Al Quran and Hadith

3) Conducting / Guidance for Jenazah Prayers (at home or masjid)

4) Transporting Jenazah to Muslim Cemetary (Choa Chu Kang)

5) Oversee and guiding the burial of Jenazah

6) Reading of the Talqin

Also Included:

7) NEA Burial Permit and Plot Fees

8) 1 pack of flowers

9) Mineral Water for family members

10) Basic grave furnishing (live grass and engraved name plate in aluminium frame)

11) 2-Way Transportation for family members **


* Additional fee of $100 applies if separate transportation is required between 12.00 midnight and 6.00am

** Package will be reduced by $150 if 2-way transportation for family not required